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Crazy for Boro Buttons

February 4, 2012

When nothing is going right, and even sometimes when everything is going great, I can usually fall back on boro buttons.  As you can imagine, the market for buttons isn’t nearly as good as the market for beads. Many call making buttons a “labor of love,” but I have some marketing ideas that just may change that.

I’ve tried many different ways of making them, and various ways of attaching a shank. I hear that button collectors and prefer attached glass shanks instead of using glue to attach a manufactured shank. I think I finally perfected my technique of making the shank’s hole with a tungsten pick and fire polishing the hole the best I can and I can see great improvement in my buttons over the past month.

I have many buttons posted in my Etsy shop right now. They average 22mm in diameter and are priced at about $10 each.

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