I am very fortunate to have a great studio. My kiln is on the big grey cart to the left. After I  have created my buttons and beads at the flame, I pop them in the kiln to anneal them. In glass, annealing is important because it stabilizes the molecules (or “removes the stress”) and makes the glass less likely to crack over time.

Next, you can see that I organize and store my glass rods in custom-made acrylic containers divided into many slots.

The large metal “box” on the counter is my ventilation system. You can see a fan at the top for sucking out contaminated air as it is released when the glass is melted, and there is a slot on the counter to supply fresh intake air from outside.

My torch sits just inside the metal box, clamped to the counter. The green hose goes to my oxygen concentrator.  There is a red hose that runs from the torch to a plumbed household gas line.

To the right of the work area is a lazy-susan filled with all kinds of tools from mashers to pokers to wrenches to tweezers of every size. My favorite tool is called a “kote,” which is very similar to a small stainless steel masonry trowel.

The counter tops and cabinetry go all the way around the room in a U-shape and the walls are made of peg-board, which is great for hooks to hang things and installing shelving.  I have plenty of storage for books, tools, frit, and anything else I need.


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