Setting Goals

February 6, 2012

For years I’ve struggled with whether lampworking is a hobby or a business for me. The truth is, I need it to be both. I need a creative outlet, and I need a way to bring in some income. I have ideas for goals in both of those areas and I’ve been working on them; tucking away tutorials to enhance my skills, and keeping sales moving.

I’ve never written any measurable goals. I’m sure there are all kinds of theories on goal-setting and I haven’t studied any of them, but I’m a pretty smart cookie so maybe I can figure This out on my own. I do know it is good to have long-term and short-term goals and they should be measurable.

As a first step, I have created some categories for my goals:

  • Creative – e.g. infusing inspired color palettes
  • Technical – e.g. focusing on different techniques/tutorials until I master them, trying Satake glass
  • Financial – e.g. making the hobby self-supporting, turning a profit, balanced budget, gross monthly sales goals
  • Social – e.g. Bravery Beads, ISLAGA


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